The future of travel and transaction is here.

The flye™ smart card is a new innovation that provides one powerful solution and a world of possibility.

The flye smart card elevates convenience, holding your favorite credit and debit cards in one secure device. With the latest in location-aware loyalty and payment technology, the flye smart card will continue to get smarter and more useful as features are added.

Transformative Travel and Experiences

The flye smart card has the latest in location-aware loyalty and payment technology. The innovative beacon feature announces your presence to DT Local merchants worldwide, and the intuitive interface lets you easily switch between cards. Plus, you can sync the flye smart card to the DreamTrips app to earn DreamTrips Points for purchase when you dine at participating restaurants. And that's just the beginning. Like a smartphone, the card will continue to get smarter and more useful as features are added.

How does the Flye smart card work?


Add up to 20 cards through your App Profile. Easily switch between cards using the intuitive interface.


Fits easily into your lifestyle.

Beacon Technology

Participating merchants will acknowledge your status on arrival and provide you with a customized, exclusive experience.

Earn Points

Sync the flye smart card to the app to earn points with each transaction.

One flye smart card has the power to hold any of your credit, debit and loyalty cards in one secure device.

Your Security Matters

The flye smart card is designed to be more secure than your wallet and the cards in it while you travel both near and far.

The card includes a personal identification number(PIN) security feature for identity protection — no one can access it without using your private PIN. If you leave it somewhere, it will automatically lock after 10 minutes, preventing access to your personal information.

Convenient Simplicity

Consolidate your credit and debit cards onto a single card with ease.

The flye smart card is the same size as a standard credit card, and works just like one too. Like any other credit card, it can be used for payment around the world. Just swipe the EMV Chip on the smart card to select the card needed for use — it's that simple.

Makes Smart Look Easy

The stamp-size screen displays the card you have selected for use. That way, you'll always know which card you're using.

Even the charger is smart! The dual-purpose portable charger allows you to charge the flye smart card and swipe cards to add to the smart card. And, with a battery life of up to 21 days, you won't have to constanly worry about charging your smart card.

Take Off with the flye smart card

Anyone who is an active DreamTrips Member is able to participate and order their very own smart card. The flye smart card offers something for every traveler with its reward system and ease of use. Get ready for your flye card to heighten your travel experiences, no matter where you go in the world.